COWI’s CEO appointed Chairman of Danish initiative focusing on attracting global talent

Date: 02/07/2015

If Danish companies are to get a cut of the budding economy, they need even more skilled workers from abroad. As Chairman of a new Danish joint initiative, the DI Consortium for Global Talent, COWI’s President, CEO, Lars-Peter Søbye will drive the efforts to attract and retain skilled employees in Denmark.

​The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and the Consortium for Global Talent have come together in a new collaboration to work towards making it easier for Danish companies to attract and retain skilled global professionals in Denmark.

Headed by Lars-Peter Søbye, the new consortium has set up an advisory board consisting of representatives from 29 of the largest Danish and international companies based in Denmark.

“Our employees’ world-class knowledge is our product, but as an industry we’re facing the challenge of attracting and retaining the best talents in the coming years. Therefore, I am honoured to be appointed chairman for an initiative that will help not only COWI, but all Danish companies stay competitive in the future,” says Søbye.

The Danish trade and industry already suffers from a lack of engineers, and a forecast from DI and the Society of Danish Engineers shows that the problem will only increase in the future. According to the forecast, there will be a shortage of nearly 10,000 engineers in Denmark in ten years’ time.

The overall aim of the initiative is to improve the conditions for foreign professionals and their families and to contribute to making Denmark one of the best countries to study, work and live in.

Source: COWI