COWI buys Vattenfall Engineering

Date: 07/08/2013

Photo: COWI
​Amager Power Station just outside Copenhagen (photo: JW Luftfoto)

​The acquisition of Swedish Vattenfall’s engineering division in Denmark positions COWI among the leading consultants in Scandinavia within sustainable production of heat and electricity.

​Vattenfall Engineering has many years of solid expertise in power plants and green transition of combined heat and power plants.

”We are very satisfied because this is an important strategic acquisition for COWI,” says Jens Christoffersen, Regional Vice President of COWI Denmark.

”The takeover of Vattenfall Engineering not only places COWI among the leading consultants in Scandinavia within sustainable energy production, it also supports COWI’s vision of being an important player within green transition contributing to tomorrow’s sustainable society,” the Regional Vice President continues.

Contributing to green transition
The experienced engineers in Vattenfall Engineering, who will now become part of COWI’s division for industry and energy, have worked on Amagerværket, Fynsværket and Nordjyllandsværket, where they have designed and managed the conversion of coal-fired power lines to biomass. COWI expects substantial synergy in the field of energy as a result of the acquisition.

”Vattenfall Engineering brings volume to COWI’s business as well as robust technical knowledge and references,” says Brian Seeberg Larsen, Senior Vice President for COWI Industry and energy, and continues:

”Heat and power production are among the COWI Group’s most substantial business areas within energy, and we have high expectations regarding synergies between heat and power production and district heating, where COWI is already the market leader in Scandinavia.”

The around 70 engineers in Vattenfall Engineering will be transferred to COWI after the summer holidays. They bring with them interesting projects, including green transition of heat and power plants.

Source: COWI