COWI accelerates within CHP with new contracts

Date: 22/06/2016

​COWI has won a series of framework contracts with DONG Bioenergy and Thermal Power.

​The new framework contracts with DONG Energy Bioenergy and Thermal Power for machinery and process equipment, electrical systems, distributed control systems (DCS), and environment are an important step for the green transition in Denmark and a contract that secures COWI a significant position in the energy market.

“With these contracts, COWI has become a leader in combined heat and power (CHP) and green energy and it is in line with our strategy of increasing our business in Denmark and abroad by at least 30 per cent towards 2020,” says Vice President of Bioenergy and Thermal Power at COWI, Jens Bjørnmose.

COWI assumed a leading position in biomass-fired CHP plants and green transition when it acquired Vattenfall’s Danish engineering section in 2013. Some of the best experts in CHP were added to COWI, making up a strong team in thermal energy and biomass when joining their new colleagues.

Market Director of Bioenergy and Thermal Power at COWI, Marius Noer, who negotiated the contracts with DONG, is confident that adding these contracts to the project portfolio will strengthen COWI’s position in the market even further. “We’re seeing a vast demand for COWI’s competencies in biomass, both in Denmark and abroad.”

Guide on biomass for the World Bank
In Denmark, COWI has played a significant role in converting most CHP plants, heating plants and district heating plants to greener fuels. COWI’s current projects include general consultancy to AffaldVarme Aarhus regarding the new biomass-fired CHP plant in Lisbjerg, and consultancy to the Greater Copenhagen Utility (HOFOR) regarding the establishment of the wood chip-fired CHP plant BIO4 at Amagerværket.

Abroad, COWI’s experts recently completed a multi-fuel biomass-fired power plant in Pakistan and they are finishing a high-profile guide on biomass for the World Bank.

“Being involved in such a variety of projects in biomass-fired CHP production gives us an immense ballast. Coal-fired plants are being phased out and they all have to convert to greener fuels. In that field, COWI is and will be a key player, and I look forward to contributing to that development along with a lot of talented colleagues,” says Noer.