Copenhill wins European prize

Date: 21/09/2017

Amager Ressource Center (ARC), Moe, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), and Züblin receive european recognition for the waste-to-energy plant Copenhill.

On the 14th of September, the plant containing a ski slope won an Award of Merit.

“The multifunctional industrial architecture is an ambitious example of how a green power plant can be combined with recreational areas that encourage adventure, play and excercise. Combined with the fact that ”the plant exhibits an exceptional use of steel – both as a visible material and as structural steel – united in a building construction of international class”, comments the committee of judges in their explanation.

ARC is responsible for the project, and their CEO Dan Fredskov is delighted at the recent recognition. Previously production plants were synonymous to square blocks. That is what we are trying to challenge in the construction of Copenhill. We are solving a very important infrastructural task, at the same time as we are aware of our surroundings and the need to merge industry and citylife in a constantly growing city.

First attempt at a ski slope
Copenhill is among the biggest and tallests buildings in Copenhagen and is world known for its spectacular architecture.

Its construction has placed high demands on the engineering firm Moe, which has more than 85 years of experience designing power plants, but has never before had to construct a ski slope.

The firm’s Technical Director, Peter Madsen Nordestgaard, is therefore very proud of receiving international recognition for their work on the construction of the building, that includes 7,500 tons structural steel.

“This construction work has if anything illustrated that steel is an easily mouldable material that makes it possible to realise very original ideas. At the same time, we have been able to achieve the architect’s visions within the project’s budget, says Peter Madsen Nordestgaard.

The prize was awarded at the European Convention for Constructional Steelworks, which was held in Denmark for the first time.

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Source: Energy Supply DK / State of Green