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Cooperation in District Heating unveiled at France-Denmark conference

by Linda Bertelsen

A significant conference organized by DBDH, and the Danish Embassy in France recently highlighted the potential for cooperation in district heating between France and Denmark. French-Danish District Heating & Industry Decarbonisation Day, held at Maison du Danemark in Paris on September 27, 2023, was focused on sharing knowledge and innovative ideas between the two countries.

France and Denmark have major national ambitions to decarbonise the industry. Major efforts are still required to achieve carbon neutrality for the industrial sector. In France, these efforts will be concentrated on the 50 most polluting industrial sites to deploy decarbonisation technologies.

Renewable energy networks

The conference in Paris was focused on renewable energy networks, the choice, and coupling between various energy sources. During the panel sessions, the French and Danish experts discussed the district heating insights, the efficiency of existing networks in France, and the key steps for the country’s green energy transition.

Technology showcases from Danish companies

Together with the compelling testimonial from Assens, Denmark, where a state-of-the-art heating network serves 6,000 residents, the industry leaders from the Danish companies Kamstrup, Grundfos, Danfoss, Kingspan Logstor, Dall Energy, and Meriaura Group (Savosolar) provided their technology showcases of the sustainable district heating.

This conference, masterminded by DBDH and the Danish Embassy in France, proved the immense potential for cooperative efforts in advancing district heating technologies and practices, signifying a promising stride towards a sustainable energy transition.