Home News Congratulations to Anders Dyrelund, celebrating his 40th anniversary at Rambøll

Congratulations to Anders Dyrelund, celebrating his 40th anniversary at Rambøll

by Elaine

DBDH wish to congratulate Anders on his 40th anniversary at Rambøll and thank him for his support, expertise and friendship over the years.

Anders is the market manager in Ramboll’s energy division, where he has been employed since 1975 only interrupted by five years in the Danish Energy Agency in 1981-86. At Ramboll, Anders is one of the company’s leading consultants in energy planning in cities and thus also district heating, which he also uses in his role as chairman of the professional network IDA Energi.

Anders is considered one of Denmark’s foremost district heating and energy planning experts. He has played a major role since 1980 in relation to Copenhagen’s district heating system and is also behind many important strategies, including Heating Plan Denmark and Cooling Plan Denmark.

Throughout his career, Anders has made a great effort to put district heating on the agenda and talk about district heating, most recently also district cooling as an important part of the smart energy system in our cities. Anders has written countless chronicles and articles for newspapers and professional media on everything from the district heating systems like virtual battery, synergies between district heating, cooling and electrification of the heating sector, to suggestions for improving the framework conditions.

Throughout these years, he has also contributed to a large number of projects in over 20 countries based on experiences from Denmark, has been an international inspiration by sharing solutions from Danish energy systems to numerous foreign delegations and of course is highly regarded as an esteemed speaker at international conferences.

Anders Dyrelund, District Heating and Energy Planning Specialist, Rambøll