Companies love District Heating thanks to Nyborg Forsyning & Service A/S

Date: 09/11/2020

Another success story at Nyborg Forsyning & Service

Nyborg's largest industrial area and the vast majority of companies said yes thanks to district heating thanks to Nyborg Forsyning and Service. This is happening after NFS earlier this year dug district heating pipes into the western industrial area near Nyborg, which from the beginning has been a natural gas area.

That now, is no longer the case because 83 % of the companies on Langelandsvej, Lyøvej and so on are now on district heating, the director of NFS, Erik Hansen, informed Fyns Amts Avis.

- We do not have much experience in selling district heating to companies, but we can only be satisfied with the result in the industrial area, says Erik Hansen.

Before the industrial area near Nyborg, it was a matter of spreading the district heating to Ullerslev's large detached house district, Bondemosen, which was also gas-fired.

In Bondemosen, the connection was even greater than in the industrial area - the vast majority of households here agreed to switch from the climate-damaging natural gas to district heating, which is almost exclusively surplus heat from Fortum's plant in Nyborg.

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