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CoLab KWP – the Danish expert team

by Linda Bertelsen

In the German-Danish project about heat planning, we are testing the use of a Danish expert team. We hope to give the German partners and municipalities a chance to know the experts and their systems and give the Danish team a deeper understanding and connection to the German group.  

We know it works well for Danish experts to give presentations and participate in single workshops, site visits, or seminars. We also know that 1:1 mentoring works well when a mentor from a Danish utility engages in long-term sparring with, e.g., a Scottish utility. And now, we are testing the value of using the same small group of experts to represent the Danish experiences in a 1½ year project.  

The project concerns municipal heat planning and supporting a transition into the right mix of district heating and other sustainable solutions. Therefore, the team comprises two experts from Danish municipalities and two from DH utilities. As always, we are very grateful to all Danish experts who share their knowledge and good advice to people worldwide. 


Poul Rask Nielsen, Hjørring MunicipalityPoul Rask Nielsen, Hjørring Municipality

Senior Project Manager, Renewable energy & Sustainability, Heat planning
Stakeholder involvement and local commitment


Patrizia Renoth, Holbæk Municipality

Municipal heat planner, Establishing DH from scratch in a city (30.000 inhabitants) heated by natural gas
Also experience from the Danish Energy Agency


Catarina Marcus-Møller, VEKSCatarina Marcus-Møller, VEKS

Head of Plan & Project at VEKS (heat transmission and distribution inside Greater Copenhagen area), Heat contracts, also experience from technical consultancy, heat production planning, and municipal heat planning


Jesper Møller Larsen, VerdoJesper Møller Larsen, Verdo

Head of division Energy & Supply, utility in city of Randers and part of consumer-governed company
Strategic planning of DH, Development of DH, collaboration with municipalities, planning and operating DH