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CoLab KWP – Phases and Data in Heat Planning

by Linda Bertelsen
The five Danish experts on the roof of the dena building in Berlin

Heat planning involves a lot of collaboration and facilitation from the municipal core team. This includes getting data, coordinating with energy infrastructure operators, and working with spatial planners.

Photo above: The five Danish experts on the roof of the dena building in Berlin

CoLab KWP workshop: German and Danish municipalities unite

The group of German municipalities again shared an intense workshop filled with detailed and open-minded discussions in the CoLab KWP project. The discussions were based on wishes from the municipalities and questions for the invited Danish experts – this time Patrizia Renoth from the Danish municipality of Holbæk and Max Guddat and Tara Sabbagh Amirkhizi from PlanEnergi. So, all three experts were both Danish and German DH experts, and some of the sessions were organised in German.

Strategic co-planning: Insights from Leipzig

One of the topics was the co-planning of the power and district heating systems and how different the processes and challenges can be depending on ownership and the planning approach. This included experiences from the strategic co-planning in Leipzig where internal discussions across power, natural gas and district heating are generating a better foundation for a sustainable transition.  

Ongoing support and networking for German municipalities

The technical consultancy PlanEnergi supports the project with knowledge from the heat planning toolbox developed for Baden-Wurttemberg and summarising Danish experiences with data, organisation and ownership. This was the final physical event in the project, and the group of German municipalities made arrangements so that the network and sparring with each other would continue. Of course, the door to DBDH, dena, and KWW is always open.