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Cogen targeted as South Africa looks to stop outages

by dbdh

The government of South Africa is planning to deploy more combined heat and power plants as part of an overall plan to boost capacity and prevent future blackouts.

The South African Department of Energy is to add more projects to those announced in November last year in the third window of its renewable energy independent power producers (REIPP) procurement programme.

Apart from the REIPP programme, the department plans to procure more electricity from IPPs in the form of cogeneration and coal plants.

He said that there would be another procurement process to include other bidders. Additional capacity would be allocated to the third window as the prices offered by the bidders in this window were more competitive than those in the first two bidding windows.

“The inclusion of additional bidders will therefore increase the number of independent power producers (IPPs) contributing towards the Department of Energy’s effort to ensure that renewable energy forms a significant part of the energy mix,” the department said in a statement.

Source: COSPP