Cisco enters into big data partnership with three Danish municipalities

Date: 03/06/2014

The municipality of Copenhagen, Albertslund and Frederikssund have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Cisco to develop the digital infrastructure of tomorrow: the Internet of Everything.

Copenhagen has set the ambitious goal of becoming the world’s fist CO2 neutral capital by 2025, concretised through the CPH 2025 Climate Plan. This is one of the reasons why Cisco chose to enter into a partnership with Copenhagen, Frederikssund and Alberslund, which all have strong green profiles:

“Copenhagen is among the very best when it comes to green solutions and this agreement demonstrates how sustainability can be the direct path to economic growth. Over the next couple of years, the capital area of Denmark will test and develop new solutions including intelligent street lighting, green waves in traffic for bicycles and busses and energy-saving technologies for offices and households. These innovative and green solutions will increase the quality of life for citizens while creating growth and employment,” says Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen.

The agreement contains a number of technological solutions intended to improve the service for citizens as well as help reach the 2025 climate goals. By using strategies from the ‘Internet of Everything’ for existing and novel solutions in Copenhagen and Albertslund, it is possible to validate and scale the cities’ solutions through one network. This comprises solutions such as outdoor lighting, parking, mobile services, traffic light systems, location based services, sensor based cloudburst mitigation, physical infrastructure monitoring and control and intelligent energy technologies.

Cisco invests in Copenhagen
The partnership also means that Cisco invests money, time and experts in the capital area. The intention is that Cisco and Copenhagen must learn from each other and develop new products and solutions in collaboration with other municipalities, companies and institutions. Cisco has also announced a global fund of EUR 110 million to assist start-ups and eco-systems surrounding “the Internet of Everything”.

“The Internet of Everything’s data revolution is now enacted in Copenhagen, which already is one of Europe’s most innovative cities. The city has an ambitious green vision and forms the perfect setting for a green lab. The projects in and around Copenhagen will act as pioneering examples that increase efficiency, cost reductions and sustainability, which other world cities can re-use,” said Cico’s Executive Vice-President, Industry Solutions and Chief Globalisation Officer Wim Elfrink.

Street lights in Albertslund
One of the main projects in Albertslund is the DOLL Living Lab, a new platform for testing innovative and intelligent lighting solutions:

“We have just been in Barcelona to witness Cisco’s Internet of Everything projects. There are some very interesting possibilities for development of tomorrow’s cities. In Albertslund, we have been preparing for intelligent lighting, and DOLL Loving Lab opens up the city space for technologies that push the green transition,” said Mayor of Albertslund Steen Christensen.

New city in Frederikssund based entirely on renewable energy
Frederikssund, which also co-signed the MoU, will primarily use the data network in connection with the establishment of the city of Vinge – what will be Denmark’s first city that retrieves 100% electrify from renewable sources: “”We have worked on sustainable initiatives for citizens and business life for a long time. With up to 20,000 citizens, the new city of Vinge will become Denmark’s first fully electric city based entirely on renewables. It is natural for us to make Vinge available for implementation of tomorrow’s digital infrastructure and Smart city solutions.

Source: State of Green