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Circuit builds energy center for district cooling.

by Linda Bertelsen
Panorama aerial view of the city and port of Aarhus, Denmark

In February, a city council unanimously voted to establish a new company that allows the Aarhus utility company Kredsløb to offer district cooling to companies, industries, and institutions in Aarhus.

With a new agreement with two business champions in the form of the Olav De Linde Real Estate Company, Danica Pension as the final investor, and Finn Bach Petersen, Kredsløb has taken the first concrete step in its fan cooling adventure.

From 2023, the property for Finn Bach Petersen on Europaplads will be district cooled, while the Ejendomsselskabet Olav De Lindes Mindet will be district cooled from 2027.

The agreements also mean that Kredsløb starts the initial work to build an energy center at Aarhusværket, which will supply the area by Sydhavnen with district cooling. Danica Pension will be provided with district cooling via a smaller cooling supply from the Aarhus plant from late summer 2023 until the completed energy center is ready.

From the drawing board

CEO of Kredsløb, Bjarne Munk Jensen, is pleased that they are now moving from the drawing board to help some very large companies meet their needs for cooling with an alternative to conventional cooling systems.

– There is great potential in utilizing our district heating system to offer district cooling as a space-saving, operationally reliable, green, and competitive alternative to local cooling systems. It then provides good synergy opportunities, for example, utilizing surplus heat in district heating production. We look forward to taking the first steps in realizing that potential together with two reputable companies, says Bjarne Munk Jensen.

More will follow soon.

Before the concrete agreements became a reality, Kredsløb conducted a major feasibility study to uncover the potential for district cooling in Aarhus. The result generally showed great interest in the solution. Therefore, Kredsløb expects that other companies will soon follow.

– We have had a constructive and good dialogue with various parties in the business world about the potential, and we are, of course, still available to ensure that more people can connect in 2023. In general, companies see the good sense in being provided with district cooling, which they know from district heating with the advantages that come with it, says Bjarne Munk Jensen.

In the coming years, Kredsløb expects to have established a functional district cooling network and widespread district cooling for large parts of Aarhus. Initially, the areas around Sydhavnen will be allowed to establish a connection. After this, Aarhus Ø and Katrinebjerg are expected to come into focus.

The task of finalizing the design of the energy center at Aarhusværket is now sent to an EU tender.

Translated from energy-supply.dk