CHPA becomes the Association for Decentralised Energy to reflect growing role for user-led, local energy

Date: 20/01/2015

The Combined Heat and Power Association today announced it will be renamed the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE), cementing its role as the key advocate for the UK’s decentralised energy transition across the industrial, public, commercial and domestic sectors.

The Association is renaming to better reflect the wide range of its members’ interests and focus. The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) will remain the leading advocate for combined heat and power, district heating and cooling, and demand side energy services.

The Association’s members voted unanimously for the change at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 7th January.

Dr Tim Rotheray, Director of the new Association for Decentralised Energy, said: “The way we generate and use our energy is in the midst of a significant transition, away from a centralised system and towards a decentralised one that puts control in the hands of users. Our members have a long history of using and providing the solutions that make that transition possible.

“From industry to local authorities, energy users are increasingly seeking local solutions to meet their energy needs. This change of name reflects our long-term vision to create a less costly, more secure and lower carbon energy system, dictated by users’ needs, not energy producers.”

“Combined heat and power, district heating and cooling, and demand side energy services are vital components of an integrated, decentralised energy system. The Association’s members are already delivering the technologies for a more local and less wasteful energy economy.”

Ian Calvert, Chairman of the Association, said: “Our Association has a long history of championing the role of energy users, and how we can give them more control over their energy costs and carbon emissions. Our members include both the users and providers of energy services, giving the Association for Decentralised Energy a unique perspective on how to best ensure our energy system works for industrial, commercial, public sector and household consumers.”

“Our new name ensures that we reflect the significant role which the Association and our members have in the growth in the decentralised energy sector.”