CHP powers major UK hospital

Date: 17/12/2013

A UK regional hospital now covers most of its heating and low-temperature hot water needs with combined heat and power.

Salisbury District Hospital’s 850 kWe CHP system from ENER-G also provides one-third of the hospital’s electricity needs, and supplies hot water and heating to the neighbouring spinal treatment centre and day surgery through a 520-metre district heating network.

The system uses an MTU engine and achieved over 95% utilisation in its first year, with an average availability of 97%, ENER-G said. As it is located within the main hospital, a special low-noise unit is used.

Tony McDermott, business development manager (healthcare) at ENER-G Combined Power, said: ‘The district heating system provides the perfect constant warm temperature required by people recovering from spinal injuries at the specialist treatment centre. The CHP system satisfies normal heat requirements, with the backup boilers used if there is peak demand.’

The hospital Trust reports annual savings of over £240,000.

Source: COSPP