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CHP plant commissioned in Germany

by dbdh

A new combined heat and power (CHP) plant has been commissioned in Stapelfeld, in the Hamburg metropolitan region of Northern Germany.

Developed by HanseWerk Natur, which invested EUR 6.8 million in the project, GE manufactured the Jenbacher J920 FleXtra gas engine at the heart of the plant.

With an electrical output of nearly 10 MW, the plant is expected to generate over 76 GWhe as well as up to 80 GWhth annually.

“By implementing our flexible and powerful gas engine technology, we are pleased to have made a vital contribution to the HanseWerk group’s largest combined heat and power plant in Northern Germany,” said Oliver Klitzke, Executive Operations GE Germany.

HanseWerk Natur will integrate the new CHP plant into its virtual power plant, which already consists of 65 CHP plants. As part of the virtual power plant, interconnected CHP plants operate to respond quickly to a surplus of electricity in the network or, if there is a power shortage, the CHP plant in Stapelfeld is able to feed energy into the grid within five minutes (positive operating reserve).

‘Decentralized energy plants play a key role in the energy transition. They provide efficient power generation at or near the point of use,’ said Udo Bottländer, director of Human Resources at the HanseWerk Group.

Source. COSPP