Chinese Ministry of Energy in Denmark

Date: 20/04/2018

A delegation led by the Chinese Deputy Director General for Renewable Energy, Liang Zhipeng, has payed the Danish offshore industry a visit since Monday. The delegation comprises representatives from the Ministry, the Chinese State Grid and other key players in offshore wind in China.

The delegation has visited DTU-Risø, Lindø Offshore Renewables Center, Energinet, Port of Esbjerg, Østerild Test Center and TetraSpar Project at Aalborg University in recent days. The visit follows immediately after a Danish delegation led by Deputy Director Stig Uffe Pedersen from the Danish Energy Agency last week visited China. The program is concluded today with a seminar about renewable energy in Denmark and China at the Danish Energy Agency, where participants discuss offshore wind and the use of biomass for heat production.

The visit is a result of cooperation between the governments of Denmark and China in the offshore area. The Sino-Danish offshore cooperation aims to share Danish experiences from 30 years of offshore wind activities with China. The project has three tracks:

1) Regulatory framework

2) Test and certification

3) Commercial opportunities

The ambition is to investigate the possibility of establishing one or more pilot plants in China that make use of Danish experience.

The close contact shows the great interest and high priority of the offshore wind from the Chinese side. It will potentially open up the large Chinese market for Danish companies, the global leaders of offshore technology.

Source: The Danish Energy Industry