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Chinese delegation visit to DBDH

by Steffen

On the 24th of June, a Chinese VIP-delegation came to visit DBDH. The delegation were from the Jinan District Heating Company and local and regional official form Jinan. The purpose of the visit was to study the Danish district heating systems and solutions. Lars Hummelmose from DBDH presented the Danish solutions and technologies together with Danfoss vise-president of Heavy Duty Stations, Mr. Anton Koller. After the presentation, the delegation participated in a tour around Frederiksberg Forsyning and CTR.

The participants in the Chinese delegation were:

  • Mr. PAN SHIYING, The president and general manager of Jinan District Heating Company
  • Ms. HAN FENG, The manager of developing department of Jinan District Heating Company
  • Mr. Ni Zhichun, deputy director of Jinan Development and Reform Commission
  • Mr. Guo Sen, deputy director of Jinan Municipal and Utility Bureau.
  • Mr. Ji Tao, deputy director of Jinan Heating Office


DBDH will be going to China on an export promotion trip from the 25th of August to the 29th. See more information about this event here.

See pictures from the visit below: