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China can wave goodbye to coal

by dbdh

For 25 years the Chinese have heard many statements from the government promising to do something about the pollution of earth, air and water. But it is only getting worse. However, the news now seems good. Because it is possible for China to tackle the massive problems, according to a new analysis from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which was released yesterday in Washington.

In 2050, 80 percent of Chinese electricity could be from renewable energy if energy savings are taken seriously and the Chinese get better at exploiting existing technology and resources. At the same time, it will cost less than if they continue to rely on coal.

China will also end up with emitting 90 percent less CO2 in 2050 than current estimates indicate. But if China should follow the WWF’s proposal and fight the coal and make electricity environmentally friendly, the energy sector in general, should be made more efficient.

“If you lower the coal consumption significantly, a few provinces will have to be sacrificed, whose economy comes from coal”, says Song Guojun, a professor at Renmin University and expert in environmental protection and pollution.

Source: Politiken / Dansk Fjernvarme