Canada: Edmonton pushes for carbon tax to fund district energy

Date: 20/08/2014

The Canadian city of Edmonton is waiting to see if a proposal that could fund a long-sought after district energy scheme is approved by the province’s Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund.

Edmonton wants revenue from Alberta’s carbon tax on heavy pollution emitters to be designated towards an underground district energy system in the Quarters district of the city.

Councillors from the Albertan capital were expecting an update on the proposal this week which will see the city apply for a grant from the fund.

The tax works out at $15 per tonne of carbon dioxide emissions and City spokesperson Jodi Tauber told Metro News Canada, “If we pass phase one then they will ask us to put in a more detailed submission later and by then we will have worked out the details. It’s long been something we’ve been looking at and because there is a grant opportunity, we’re just looking to capitalize.”

Source: COSPP