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CALPEX PUR-KING wins DTI test again

by Linda Bertelsen

PRESS RELEASE | Every year, the Danish Technological Institute carries out an extensive series of tests on pre-insulated district heating pipes.

We are delighted to announce that, for the fifth time in a row, we came top in the flexible PEX pipe system category with our CALPEX PUR-KING. In the 5 years since it was launched on the market, we have not only emerged as the test winner but have also been the only manufacturer with consistently low values.

The CALPEX PUR-KING – is here to stay!

Thanks to the closed-cell PUR foam, the heat loss remains almost as low as on day one – without a diffusion barrier. The extremely efficient insulating performance enables annual energy savings of up to 15% and will also help you to reduce CO2.

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