Bucharest municipality to pay EUR 17 million for district heating system repairs

Date: 16/01/2020

*Termoenergetica, the company that replaced RADET as the operator of the centralised heating system in Bucharest, finalised framework contracts to the amount of RON 79 million (EUR 17 million), excluding VAT. The contracts were based on a tender announced on the SICAP on 30th March 2019, which provided the purchase of works that involved the replacement of pipes called “Emergency intervention works”.

As three quarters of the pipeline network is nearly 40 years old, some 2,600 tons of hot water are lost in the ground every hour during the cold season.

Four construction companies will be responsible for the repair and replacement of the damaged sections and outdated hot water pipes on the primary network of the heating system. The four successful companies are Erbasu, Elsaco, Acvatot and Clay Work Bucharest.


*Termoenergetica operates the largest heating system in Romania and holds 43% of the market in Bucharest. It supplies heat and hot water for approximately 562,000 apartments hosting in total 1.21 million inhabitants.