BROEN Annual Report 2012

Date: 12/06/2013

All time high result and continued international expansion in the BROEN Group

2012 became yet another successful year for the BROEN Group
In 2012 the BROEN Group handled sales for more than 1.1 billion DKK with a total staff of 700 people including 400 administrative staff members. BROEN A/S, the parent company, had an increase in sales of 11 per cent to a total of 839 million DKK and EBIT increased by 23 per cent. Clorius Controls A/S specializing in building automation and marine technology is another Danish company that is part of the BROEN Group and Clorius sales totalled more than 68 million DKK.

The result was achieved despite the market situation that was also in 2012 characterized by a low activity level in the building sector. However, continued global focus on energy optimization contributed to increased activity within the district heating and gas sectors.

The BROEN Group has thus succeeded in disproving the generally downward trend and presents good and sound growth.

The growth in the BROEN Group was primarily created by a continued international expansion in key markets such as Poland, Russia, China and the US. BROEN manufactures high-tech valve solutions for a number of industries and has during the last few years become established as one of the world´s leading manufacturers of steel valves within district heating, oil and natural gas.

To secure this position BROEN has throughout 2012 invested in new production capacity including a new production line in Russia capable of handling steel valves of up to 40 tons. The first valves have already been purchased by leading Russian customers such as Gazprom and Lukoil.

Another focus point in 2012 has been the set-up of two product innovation centres in Assens (Denmark) and Poznan (Poland) where BROEN has gathered an international group of engineers specializing in material and production technology. A couple of years with heavy investments in increased innovation has already resulted in a strong product pipeline and the first new products will be launched at the end  of 2013 and in 2014 offering unique functionalities to the market.

BROEN expects to continue the international growth in 2013 through increased investments in product innovation, existing customers as well as through expansion into new markets.

For additional information please check the Management’s Review in the Annual Report 2012 or contact Group CEO Lars Linaa Jørgensen at +45 2213 3779.

Press release from Broen