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Borlänge Energi chooses Kamstrup as a new system supplier

by dbdh

Press release: After a long research and test period of different solutions, the Swedish multi-utility Borlänge Energy has chosen Kamstrup as supplier of 18,500 meters in an integrated Radio Link network.

Selecting the right metering system is a deeply complicated process. Not only does the utility has to choose between technologies and a wide number of features. The utility also has to navigate in the field of national and international political goals and standards for the energy consumption.

Back in 2007, Borlänge Energy started to test the radio communication technology for the first time in a small village outside Borlänge. At that time, radio technology in the metering business was quite new. Sweden was a pioneer in the rollout of remote reading systems for electricity meters. Already in 2003, the Swedish Parliament – the Riksdag – decided that all electricity consumers should have access to real-time consumption data from 2006 and monthly reading data from July 1, 2009.

The pilot test of the small concentrators worked fine, but Borlänge Energy decided to wait to change the system as a big number of heat and water meters should be replaced anyway. In 2011 Borlänge Energi came in touch with Kamstrup’s new ultrasonic water meter MULTICAL® 21, and that accelerated the idea to invest in a whole new solution for approximately one third of the customers of Borlänge Energi. All in all, Borlänge Energi wanted to change 12,000 water meters and 6,500 heat meters in their utility area.

“We had some demands for the new system. As a multi-utility we of course need a communication system that is flexible and can handle both water and heat. Furthermore, we wish to use a drive-by solution for the entire population of 60,000 in the city and countryside of Borlänge. That is why we choose Kamstrup’s Radio Link”, Olov Sandberg explains, Project Leader at Borlänge Energi.

Wrong readings become history
In the past, Borlänge Energy used to receive a lot of wrong readings from the customers. Many just simply forgot to read the right meters or reported wrong figures online. “Now our customers will get billed for the right consumption automatically. Instead of charging a contour amount four times a year the customers will get billed for their consumption every month from January 1, 2015. In the end, this will save us a lot of money and time in the organization”, Olov Sandberg says.

A very fast rollout
The project implementation started in the beginning of 2014 and is planned to run for a year. Already before the summer, Borlänge Energy had built up the Radio Link infrastructure and today, they have installed 80 percent of the meters.

“We have changed water meters and heat meters at the same time, and this has accelerated the rollout process. Despite the fact that the meters are very easy to install, we really look forward to finishing the project”, Olov Sandberg says.

For further information, please contact: Olov Sandberg, Project Leader, AB Borlänge Energi: +46 0243 73000
Glenn Erikson, Sales Engineer, Kamstrup AB: +46 (0)8522 26545 / ger@kamstrup.se