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Boris Johnson publishes new district heating guide for London

by dbdh

Mayor of London Boris Johnson
The London Mayor’s office has published a new guide on the promotion of district heating schemes in the capital.

The ´District Heating Manual for London´ provides practical guidance for developers, network designers and planners with the aim of creating a consistent framework for delivering efficient, interconnecting, district heating networks.

It is also designed to help guide local planning authorities. The document, developed in collaboration with Arup, supports a range of initiatives provided by City Hall to promote Mayor Boris Johnson’s target to achieve 25 per cent of London’s energy supply from decentralised energy sources by 2025.

City Hall is currently supporting the delivery of schemes valued at more than £300m where the principles of the manual are being applied.

Matthew Pencharz, the Mayor´s environment advisor, said: ´We want district heat networks operating as part of a decentralised energy system become more common-place in London and there is already a significant uplift, supporting new jobs and economic growth.

The Mayor is demanding ambitious targets in the capital to create a more resilient, localised and efficient energy supply. This will ensure we meet the twin challenges of cutting carbon and being fully prepared for the demands coming from London´s predicted population boom.’

Demand for electricity in the capital is expected to grow by up to four per cent a year over the next decade supporting a growing city.

Initiatives from City Hall include the London Heat Map, an interactive tool that allows users to identify opportunities for decentralised energy projects in London and the provision of technical, financial and commercial support to develop and bring decentralised energy projects to market.

Source: COSPP.com