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Billion-euro investment creates 6,000 new jobs

by dbdh

The Danish district heating stations are now investing EUR 1 billion in a tremendous transformation of a central part of the Danish energy supply which includes new projects and expansions, new heating pipes and large-scale solar and biomass plants.

The investments are twice as large as the industry’s standard costs for maintenance and expansions, and Danish District Heating Association, which is the stations’ industry association, expects that the heavy investment overall will create 6000 jobs in this year alone.
“Investments in new district heating plants will boom in 2013. This will affect a number of Danish companies and create many new jobs,” says Kim Mortensen, director of the Danish District Heating Association.
The investment boom follows an otherwise good 2012, where the Danish district heating plants invested EUR 50 million but according to the director, 2013 will be even better.
The figures from the Danish District Heating Association are brand-new, and from the industry association there is no doubt: The big investment growth will create jobs all around the country.
“We believe that it will benefit consulting engineers and contractors, and not least the many Danish sub-suppliers to the energy industry,” says Kim Mortensen.

Source: The Danish District Heating Association