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Big job increase in the district heating industry

by dbdh

Press release:
According to the district heating sector’s new industry statistics, the
number of employees in the district heating sector has grown by 18 percent over the last four years.

The number of employees in the district heating sector has grown from 8,600 in 2012 to 10,200 in 2016. The progress can be seen especially in the district heating industry.

“The Danish companies in the district heating industry have experienced a strong growth regarding the number of employees as well as the turnover in recent years. They have a strong position on the market, but they also see an increased interest in Danish competencies in export markets”, says Lars Hummelmose, Director of the District Heating Industry (Fjernvarmeindustrien), and continues: “We expect that the positive development we have seen in the district heating sector in recent years will continue in the coming years, which hold very high expectations for the expansion of district heating on a large number of Danish markets.

Heat supply supports the industry
At the Danish District Heating Association (Dansk Fjernvarme), they are also happy about the development, which is seen as an expression of a strong sector, where an efficient heat supply goes hand in hand with a strong industry.

“The Danish district heating system, where we have high security of supply, low prices and a sharp increase in the share of renewable energy, is a good showcase that supports the industry in the export markets,” says Kim Mortensen, director of Dansk Fjernvarme.

“In the heat supply industry, the industry has a valuable laboratory, where companies can test and demonstrate their technological solutions,” he points out.

While the number of employees has increased by 18 percent, the total Danish exports of district heating technology and consulting have increased by approximately 11 percent in the period 2010-2016.

Download the new report here (Danish): Fjernvarmesektorens_Branchestatistik_2017

For more information, please contact:
Lars Hummelmose, Director, Fjernvarmeindustrien, tel. +45 2990 0080
Kim Mortensen, Director, Dansk Fjernvarme, tel. +45 4021 2220