Best Senior Presenter awarded at 5th international conference on smart energy systems

Date: 17/09/2019

On September 11, Kamstrup had the pleasure to award professor Henrik Madsen from DTU – Technical University of Denmark for being the best Senior Presenter during the 5th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems in Copenhagen.

Henrik got nominated for his enthusiasm and passion when doing his presentation titled “Perspective in Using Meter Data for Temperature Optimization” and because his efforts in this field keeps pushing the boundaries of control methods. Henrik’s presentation was an excellent example on the potential for increased digitalization in the DH industry. Temperature optimization based on real time data from smart meters makes it possible to operate the network closer to the limits and is thus a key enabler to lower the temperature levels in a DH system. And lower temperatures is a necessity for integrating large amounts of waste heat and renewable energy in the system. Congrats to Henrik and his team at DTU Compute with the honour and the 1000 EUR price.