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Assens Fjernvarme is a privately held district heating company established in 1960. Sustainability has been a key figure for decades and the company has been 100% CO2 neutral since 1988.

by Linda Bertelsen
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Pioneer in the transit from fossil to green heat

As a pioneer in the transition from fossil to green heat and power generation, the company continuously has adopted state-of-the-art technologies and environmental processes.

Combined heat and powerplant

The production setup consists of combined heat and powerplant (CHP), a wind turbine, a photovoltaic plant, and a heat pump producing approximately 100.000 MWh of heat and 30.000 MWh of power.

Fully digitalized distribution system

The distribution system has over the years grown continuously and kept up to the highest standards. Today the distribution system is fully digitalized and exceeds +100 km (trench length) and supplies +3500 consumers with district heating.

Owned by its consumers

Assens Fjernvarme is a cooperative owned by its consumers. The non-profit company structure contributes to low energy prices as a high commitment from the stakeholders. The board of directors is appointed by the members.

Areas of expertise

  • Biomass
  • Combined heat & power production (CHP)
  • District heating
  • Heat pump
  • Solar
  • Utilities
  • Wind

Contact info

Assens Fjernvarme
Stejlebjergvej 4, 5610 Assens, Denmark
Marc Roar Hinze
Managing Director
mrh@assensfjernvarme.dk Telephone +45 2372 1321