Arcon-Sunmark supplies first large-scale installation in Vietnam

Date: 09/11/2017

Arcon-Sunmark has just initiated the construction of the first large-scale solar heating installation in Vietnam. The installation will supply industrial process heat to a factory situated south of Ho Chi Minh City. At Arcon-Sunmark this is regarded as a breakthrough with a major potential.

The solar heating installation comprises 5,000 m2 and will supply PrimeAsia Leather Company’s factory in Ba Ria-Vung Tau, just south of Ho Chi Minh City, with heat for the retannage of wet blue and evaporation of waste water from sludge. As a result 90% of the waste water from the sludge will be recycled in the factory by means of the solar heating system which on the whole will contribute 20% to the total energy requirement of the of the factory. The factory manufactures 5.5 million m2 leather per year for the accessory and shoe industry. In Vietnam it is by far the largest solar heating plant.

”By Vietnamese standards it is a very big installation that is now under construction in Ba Ria-Vung Tau, and it is sure to be noticed. PrimeAsia Leather Company is wholeheartedly endeavouring to reduce the environmental impact of the production, and the solar heating installation contributes significantly as regards CO2 emission, but also when it comes to a gentle handling of the waste water from the factory. Additionally the installation will offer a direct reduction in the energy costs of the factory, and this reduction will grow bigger and bigger as the energy prices in Vietnam are steadily increasing,” says Hans Grydehoej, Project & Business Development Manager, Arcon-Sunmark.

The solar heating system will be ready for operation early 2018 and is the first large installation erected by Arcon-Sunmark in Vietnam. The company has supplied a number of minor installations, i. a. for Nokia in Hanoi and the Sheraton Hotel in Nha Trang. Arcon-Sunmark has its own factory in Vietnam – established in 2006 and supplying solar collectors for the markets outside Europe. Therefore it has for some years now also been the endeavour of the company to open the eyes of the local industry to the potential of solar heating for industrial processes, and this endeavour has now turned into a success.

”The installation for PrimeAsia Leather Company we regard as a truly solid reference project which may be the key to developing this exciting market when it comes to large-scale solar heating systems. Vietnam has often been called the workshop of the world, and the processing industry plays a major role in the country. It is interesting because this type of industry frequently has a large consumption of energy, and solar heating may well cover a large part of the requirement,” says Hans Grydehoej.