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by Linda Bertelsen
Anders Dyrelund, Ramboll

I am passionately dedicated to urban energy solutions for utilities and authorities in Denmark, leveraging over four decades of experience and transferring this expertise to approximately 25 countries. Having been involved in energy planning since 1979 at Ramboll, with a brief hiatus at the Energy Agency from 1981 to 1986, I served as a task manager for planning district heating and new CHP capacity in Greater Copenhagen, encompassing a cluster of 20 municipalities.

Presently, I am immersed in devising heat plans to replace remaining individual gas boilers with district heating, leveraging surplus heat and combined heating and cooling in the suburbs of Greater Copenhagen.

A specialist in techno-economic and socio-economic assessments of energy scenarios, I excel in navigating institutional and legal dynamics at both national and municipal levels. My expertise extends to stakeholder analysis, which is crucial for developing cost-effective solutions across all sectors.

My academic foundation, laid in 1979, comprises a master’s in structural engineering and buildings from The Technical University of Denmark, complemented by a graduate diploma in business administration from Copenhagen Business School in 1978.

Outside my professional endeavors, I serve as an expert in energy solutions within city contexts as part of the Danish Association of Engineers’ corps experts. Additionally, I am concluding a six-year tenure as president of the Energy Network of energy professionals within the association in 2024.


• DBDH Person of the Year 2010
• Danish District Heating Award 2022

Beyond my professional pursuits, I find fulfillment in family, salsa dancing, and kayaking.


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