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Amiens and ENGIE Solutions choose Dall Energy

by Linda Bertelsen
Amiens and ENGIE Solutions chose Dall Energy


The town of Amiens, Amiens Energies, and ENGIE Solutions have selected Danish company Dall Energy to provide its unique and environmentally friendly gasification technology for a brand-new 14MW district heating plant. The contract was signed on Nov. 14th at a signing ceremony at Quai De L’innovation in Amiens.

Another major French contract for the Danish SME

2023 ends as it began for Dall Energy with a significant contract. Yet again, the Greater Copenhagen-based SME has successfully exported its popular gasification technology to France.
First, paper giant Clairefontaine invested in Dall Energy technology. Now, Amiens Energies (which includes ENGIE) and the town of Amiens have chosen Dall Energy’s technology for a new 14MW district heating plant.
“We have chosen Dall Energy as our partner for this public-private district heating project because the company’s technology truly enables a cost-effective green energy transition for the benefit of Amiens’ nearly 140,000 citizens,” says Vincent Pibouleu, CEO of Amiens Energies (SEMOP).
“I am pleased to witness the achievements of the Danish company Dall Energy in France. A recent visit to their Rouen installation underscored the technological prowess. Tuesday, I am participating in the Ceremony of the Signature for a new Dall Energy installation in Amiens, marking a significant milestone in the Embassy’s collaboration with Dall Energy”, Michael Starbæk Christensen, Danish Ambassador to France, states.”

Accelerating the green transition while utilizing local resources

In France, biomass – and not least Dall Energy’s combined biomass- and pyrolysis plants – is considered a sustainable way to move away from, say, natural gas while utilizing the country’s large amounts of garden waste.
Amiens has a vast amount of this type of biomass, and this makes Dall Energy’s patented technology and solution, where biomass is gasified through pyrolysis, an obvious choice for the town’s new district heating plant.
“Like many French cities, we are focused on the energy transition and our goal of an energy-self-sufficient city by 2050. So, we are pleased that Amiens Energies reached an agreement with ENGIE Solutions and Dall Energy to allow us to accelerate our green transition and utilize local resources,” says Brigitte Fouré, Mayor of Amiens.

This first project will hopefully lead to many more.

Besides the deal with the plant, Dall Energy has also secured a 10-year maintenance deal with ENGIE Solutions, which will handle operations of the Amiens plant for 20 years. ENGIE Solutions is a subsidiary of ENGIE Group, and the CEO, Jens Dall Bentzen from Dall Energy, hopes that this will lead to more projects.
“The signing ceremony is a great day for us, and we are honored that the Mayor of Amiens, Brigitte Fouré, the Danish Ambassador to France, H.E. Mr. Michael Starbæk Christensen, and ENGIE will be present. The ceremony is hopefully the start of a long partnership with ENGIE Solutions to drive the green energy transition in France. We already have many more lined up projects lined up with ENGIE Solutions”, Jens Dall Bentzen says.

“A special thanks goes out to the Danish Embassy in Paris, who has been a great help throughout and who generally work tirelessly to create a great environment for collaboration between France and Denmark on central heating,” adds General Sales Manager Ann Bouisset, from Dall Energy.

Facts and figures

    • Amiens Energies (SEMOP) is a public-private partnership, with ENGIE Solutions owning a 51% share.
    • Dall Energy is contracted to build a 14MW district heating plant in the northern French city of Amiens.
    • ENGIE Solutions will operate the plant for 20 years; Dall Energy has a 10-year maintenance contract.
    • The total value of the plant and maintenance agreement is in the double-digit millions in EURO.
    • The signing ceremony takes/took place on November 14, 2023, at 2:30 pm at Quai De L’innovation in Amiens.

For more information and interviews

For additional information, comments, and interviews with Amiens Energies, ENGIE Solutions, and/or Dall Energy, please contact Sales Manager Ann Bouisset from Dall Energy at +45 81 40 89 56 or apb@dallenergy.com.