Americans order Danish district heating solutions worth 150 million DKK

Date: 06/10/2015

A Danish consortium has just signed an exclusive agreement with NuPower Thermal LLC for the construction of a district heating system.

The district heating network in the United States will expand by 33 percent by 2020 and Danish companies hold the solutions.

A consortium consisting of ABB, Logstor and the six suppliers Kamstrup, Desmi, Damgaard Consulting, OE3i, FW Rørteknik and Broen signed an exclusive agreement with NuPower Thermal LLC, located in Bridgeport 100 km northwest of New York, about building a district heating systems costing over 150 million Danish kroner.

The waste incineration plant will supply district heating to the city’s citizens, businesses and municipal buildings. And the plant is to inspire other cities to establish district heating and thus help open doors for many similar projects throughout the United States.

Bridgeport with its 150,000 citizens is of a perfect size to implement the demonstration project with the Danish solutions.

System export in practice
ABB is the leader of the consortium together with Logstor, and the clean-tech cluster Clean has established the connections to the United States and has actively participated in the development of the project and the composition of the consortium along with DBDH.

“The Bridgeport project is an excellent example of how system export can be handled in practice. Here eight Danish companies, DBDH, and Clean have through collaborations and partnerships helped develop a new project where they can take care of the whole system supply, ensuring performance along with the American entrepreneur – resulting in both Danish and American jobs. So we are talking about a successful system export in all fronts and are very pleased”, says Martin B. Petersen, ABB.

Ramboll was the consultant in this part of the process.