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December the 17th, 13-14 CET
Danfoss End-to-End District Energy solution:  District Energy as a key technology for decarbonisation of modern Cities
Today, 70 percent of all carbon emissions come from Cities and half of that is generated by heating and cooling. If we are to keep global warming below 1.5°C, we must make a change and decarbonize our Cities. Fast! By exploiting the potential of district energy to heat and cool our buildings, 2050 goals are realistic and achievable. Modern district energy networks can be efficient, greener, and more intelligent that ever. But with new renewable and waste heat sources, accompanied by transition to low-temperature networks, these systems are getting more and more complex. Digitalization is a tool, allowing us to efficiently handle this complexity.
In Danfoss, we have developed an End-to-End solution (from components to optimization solutions) enabling operators to efficiently design and operate modern District Energy networks.


  • Milan Jungic, DEN Senior Product Manager, Danfoss
  • Leif Moller Jakobsen, DEN Business Development Manager, Danfoss
  • Jukka Aho, Managing Director, Leanheat


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Previous webinars:

December the 6th, 13-14 CET
The right choice of pre-insulated pipe systems
To make the right of pre-insulated pipe systems is a challenging task. Challenging because you have to include more important angles in your evaluation:
Optimize the hydraulic design so you are sure that you cover the future needs and, at any time, can deliver the needed heat for the consumers, but at the same time you do not oversize the pipes because that will lead to too high heat loss cost.
• Already at this time think about asset management so that you chose products, systems and installation methods where you secure that you will have a long lifetime without any failures that will lead to higher costs and disruption of the supply.
• Secure that you will have the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership, which includes parameters like investment cost, heat loss cost and other operational costs
All these parameters have to be integrated in your choice of pre-insulated pipe systems and you have to calculate different scenarios with different assumptions before you can make your final choice. Programme
• Thomas Østergaard, Market Director, COWI
• Peter Jorsal, Product & Academy Manager, LOGSTOR
• Chris Hill, Managing Director, LOGSTOR UK

November the 12th
Renewable heat in Odense – an innovative lesson on how to recycle renewable energy with heat pumps for district heating
Datacenters are crucial for the welfare and security of human beings. At the same time, they are widely known to consume energy. As the number of datacenters is growing, there is an urgent need to discuss how to increase their energy efficiency by innovative means such as using the surplus heat for district heating. Join Fjernvarme Fyn, Ramboll, and Invest in Denmark to learn how Fjernvarme Fyn in Odense, Denmark, is using surplus heat from the Facebook data center cooling process to distribute it – via a new heat pump energy center – to Odense’s district heating network. Programme
• Kim Winther, Head of Business Development, Fjernvarme Fyn
• Anders Carøe, Energy Export, Ramboll
• Kim Schultz, Datacenter market expert, Invest in Denmark
View recording here

October the 28th 
Digitalisation of District Heating – challenges and opportunities for the utility sector
Kamstrup, supplier of intelligent energy and water metering solutions, presented by Steen Schelle, Head of Product Management
Foresight – Climate & Energy,presented by Philippa Nuttall, Editor-in-Chief
Utility company Viborg Fjernvarme, presented by Tom Diget, Manager of Distribution
Euroheat & Power, presented by Alessandro Provaggi, Head of the DHC+ Technology Platform
View recording here

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