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ABB becomes a partner in the Triangle area’s PtX collaboration.

by Linda Bertelsen

Press release, November 28, 2022 | ABB in Denmark joins Triangle Energy Alliance on January 1, 2023, which is the Triangle area’s strategic collaboration on the development of Power to X technology.

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The goal is to develop a coherent energy ecosystem based on renewable energy sources that utilizes existing facilities and newly built technical facilities to produce green fuels in the Triangular area’s ideal geography and infrastructure.

– PtX plays a very important role in getting through the current energy crisis, because today we have an energy mix that is increasingly based on renewable energy. We therefore have a big task in finding solutions for how we can store our energy in the best possible way, and thus use the energy when the need is there, rather than when the energy is available, says Jeppe Skovgaard Bentzen, Business Development Director, Energy Industries – Process Automation , ABB Denmark.

– ABB can contribute with great experience and knowledge within the current energy sector and bring other sectors into play. Among other things, we have deep process and safety knowledge from the Oil & Gas segment, knowledge of the district heating sector and how excess heat from e.g. PtX can be used for district heating, as well as experience with electrical integration projects. We now look forward to linking ourselves even more closely to regional development in the Triangle area, says Jeppe Skovgaard Bentzen, Business Development Director.

ABB establishes a domicile in Middelfart in the Triangle area ABB is gathering its activities from Fredericia and Odense in a newly established domicile in Middelfart at the beginning of 2023. The closer connection to the Triangle area gives us the opportunity to further support the local actors and partners from the Triangle Energy Alliance.

– Many of TEA’s partners are, to a greater or lesser extent, already close collaborators, and with this membership we now have the opportunity to unfold our common ambitions within PtX. We see PtX and sector coupling as two sides of the same coin, and we can deliver the technical solutions that bring the partners’ expertise and business areas together, says Jeppe Skovgaard Bentzen, ABB.

– It is a great strength that we get ABB’s expertise and already close relationships with many of our partners on board TEA. We know that they are already very active in relation to ongoing PtX projects, and we share a common desire to develop physical and IT technical infrastructures, which are fundamentally necessary when we have to transform renewable energy into hydrogen and on to green fuels, fertilizers and more, says Søren Schmidt Thomsen, Director of TEA.

Jeppe Skovgaard Bentzen, Business Development Director Energy Industries – Process Automation, ABB Denmark, Tel. 40128473

Søren Schmidt Thomsen, Director Triangle Energy Alliance (TEA), Tel. 29466864