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Aalborg Forsyning – spreading District cooling in Aalborg

by dbdh

It is not only the upcoming New Aalborg University Hospital that will benefit from Aalborg Utility’s district cooling system in Aalborg east.
The new Steno Diabetes Center and the Faculty of Health Sciences at Aalborg University, AAU Sund, which will be built in connection with New Aalborg University Hospital, will also be cooled with cold water from the chalk lake at Aalborg Portland. From the chalk lake, the cold lake water is circulated through a 3.6 kilometer long pipe to a cooling center in Aalborg East.

This is a very climate-friendly solution, because the cooling comes from the chalk lake, which is a natural source, and we only spend energy circulating the cooling from the lake to the cooling centre in Aalborg East. In addition, we achieve a very high efficiency in the solution, because the lake has stable temperatures of between 5 and 14 degrees over the seasons of the year, says Jesper Møller Larsen, Supply Manager at Aalborg Forsyning. He is pleased that Aalborg Forsyning can connect two new customers and expects that more people will follow suit in the area. – The area at our cooling centre in Aalborg East is in full development, and we are in dialogue with several institutions that also want to be supplied with climate-friendly district cooling, he says.

Facts about the remote cooling plant in Aalborg East
The total plant has a technical capacity of 7.3 MW with the possibility of extending up to 11 MW.