Home News Aalborg CSP is gaining a foothold in the German market with a new type of solar collector.

Aalborg CSP is gaining a foothold in the German market with a new type of solar collector.

by Linda Bertelsen

Aalborg CSP has won its first solar heating project on the German market.

The plant will be 4.7 MW and built at the German heating plant Stadtwerke Sondershausen GmbH east of Leipzig. And then it consists of 6,000 square meters of a new type of solar collector.

New type of solar collector

The order has been received in collaboration with Swiss TVP Solar, which is also helping to introduce the new type of solar collector. This high-efficiency vacuum solar collector can deliver temperatures from 50 to 160 °C and thus be used for district heating and industrial processes.

Storage tank with special function

In addition to the 6,000 square meters of solar collectors, the order also involves the establishment of a 1,000 cubic meter accumulation tank and delivering the entire technology package for integrating energy in the district heating system.

As a special function, during winter, the storage tank can accumulate energy from a so-called BHKW – a combined heat and power plant, where both heat and electricity are produced – built nearby.

With the new vacuum solar collector, an annual output of over 500 kWh / m2 is expected, enough to cover the needs of 200-250 German households.

It is the first of many.

The plant is to be delivered in the spring of 2023, and Aalborg CSP’s clear expectation is that this project is just the start of a solar heating adventure on the German market.

There is great interest in Danish technologies and solutions with, for example, heat pumps, storage solutions, solar heating, and biomass plants south of the border. There is a particular demand for pond heat storage technology, which in interaction with other technologies, can increase the green profile and utilize surplus energy.

Aalborg CSP is therefore involved in a large number of collaborations with both Danish and German and other international partners to be able to offer Danish solutions south of the border.

Translated from article on Energy-Supply.dk