A very important milestone in Energy Governance Partnership (EGP) Germany – Baden-Württemberg/DBDH collaboration on a very successful road

Date: 14/01/2021

We have been a part of this work from day 1, working closely with KEA and not least with different people in ENS and the DK embassy. So it gives us great pleasure to share the following event contents and celebrate DBDH's contribution to this exciting progress.

Ministry in Baden-Württemberg
The Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy and the Städtetag in Baden-Württemberg today held an online Kick-off conference for the launch of mandatory municipal heating planning and the accompanying guide for heating planning.  The mayors of the 103 cities, which are committed to mandatory municipal heating planning, were all invited to the conference.

The keynote speaker from BW was Minister Franz Untersteller, Executive Board member of Städtetag Gudrun Heute-Bluhm and CEO KEA-BW Volker Kienzlen. In their speeches, they mention Denmark as a pioneering country in sustainable heat supply. A country they have learned a lot from and want to learn even more from. They all value in their speeches our cooperation, exchange of experience and knowledge sharing.
See full press release from Ministry of Baden-Württemberg here

Aarhus influence is huge
There is a common thread in the fact that it is Aarhus that participated with a speech as a delegation from BW visiting Aarhus in 2019 proved inspirational. From the Danish side, Aarhus's Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard participated with a video speech.
See full recording here