Home News A new energy park must ensure green district heating for 16 cities.

A new energy park must ensure green district heating for 16 cities.

by Linda Bertelsen

It will be thanks to locally produced, green energy when TLV-Forsyning operates their district heating plants on Djursland and in Randers municipality from 2024.

It results from a new agreement with NRGi and Sampension, which is planning to set up a new energy park consisting of three wind turbines and a solar cell park on 106 hectares west of Trustrup.

The new energy park will ensure a fixed low price of electricity for the next 10 years for the 13 district heating plants in the TLV-Forsyning ApS operating partnership.

The heat is stored in accumulation tanks.

– With the agreement on green energy from wind turbines and solar cells, we can now secure the basis for the district heating supply of the future. We collaborate with the 10 district heating plants in Djursland and the three new district heating companies in Assentoft, Spentrup-Jennum, and Øster Bjerregrav-Over Fussing in Randers Municipality.
Through the agreement with NRGi, 4,500 households will thus have sustainable district heating in their homes for the next several years, says the director at TLV-Forsyning Michael Meldgaard Christensen and adds:
– During 2024, all our district heating will be produced on green electricity in large heat pumps, which can store the heat in accumulation tanks for the days when the wind is calm, and the sun is not shining.

Heating and electricity from renewable energy

The collaboration with the district heating supply company follows NRGi’s ambitions to accelerate the green transition in Denmark.

– Our agreement with TLV-Forsyning is an excellent example of how the local heat supply can be electrified and run with renewable energy. And in these times, it has never been more vital that we as a society make ourselves independent of gas, for example, by producing heat and electricity locally based on renewable energy, says Director of NRGi Renewables A/S Jakob Bundgaard.

The new agreement will not only make the heat supply more sustainable but also help ensure that TLV-Forsyning is not affected by the future raw material prices for chips and wood pellets.

The district heating supply company will replace its chip boilers with heat pump technology over the next two to three years. And that will benefit the environment and consumers.