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A major breakthrough for large-scale geothermal energy in Europe

by Linda Bertelsen
EU stars

The European Parliament has recently adopted an impressive and comprehensive strategy for expanding geothermal energy in Europe, boosting energy efficiency, heat planning, and phasing out natural gas.

January 18, 2024

With the potential to supply heat to as much as 75 percent of the total European heat demand, it is not without perspective that the European Parliament has now adopted a new strategy to ensure a breakthrough for large-scale geothermal heat.

“It is a perfect day for the green transition in Europe and Denmark. The potential of geothermal energy is enormous, especially in the major cities around Europe. There is, therefore, good reason to wave the star-spangled flag today,” says Maria Dahl Hedegaard, chief consultant at the Danish District Heating Association, representing all of the country’s district heating companies and industries.

In Denmark, several projects are underway where geothermal heat contributes to phasing out coal and reducing the use of biomass. At the European level, there is a latent opportunity for geothermal energy to replace natural gas and ensure energy security with a stable, green, and renewable energy source that does not produce noise and does not take up much space in the landscape.

Now, there is a concrete roadmap that member countries can use to shape the future electricity and heat supply. This is needed, especially in these years when the need to reduce natural gas consumption for the sake of the climate and geopolitical security is significant, says Maria Dahl Hedegaard.

High praise for Danish parliamentarians

At the same time, the chief consultant extends high praise to the Danish negotiators on the strategy, especially Niels Fuglsang from the Social Democrats, Morten Helveg Petersen from the Radical Left, and Pernille Weiss from the Conservatives.

“We would not have gotten such an impressive strategy for geothermal energy, perhaps not even a strategy at all if it were not for these three Danish parliamentarians. There is every reason to commend them. Besides pushing for a green and sustainable electricity and heat supply, it is a strategy that supports the development of a green industry, in which Danish companies are particularly leading. Hopefully, this will manifest in the development of the industry in Denmark and a potential significant export opportunity,” says Maria Dahl Hedegaard.

Geothermal energy is expected to supply up to 75 percent of European heat demand and 15 percent of electricity consumption by 2040.

Translated from an article by the Danish District Heating Association.