Home News A delegation from the UK visited Denmark to explore district heating.

A delegation from the UK visited Denmark to explore district heating.

by Linda Bertelsen

The group, consisting of 30 representatives from various UK cities, energy companies, as well as local and national authorities, engaged in a three-day program of activities in Denmark.

On Wednesday morning, the group received a warm welcome from Rasmus Leth Traberg of the Danish Embassy in London at DBDH in Frederiksberg. Following a brief introduction by Morten Jordt Duedahl from DBDH, Thuvaraahen Nagendiram from the Danish Energy Agency provided an in-depth presentation on district heating in Denmark, covering its historical context and future prospects.

The group then traveled to Høje Taastrup to visit a significant storage facility, where Astrid Birnbaum, the managing director, and Morten Stobbe, CEO of VEKS, offered a detailed presentation. Subsequently, the group proceeded to Koge DH Company, where they witnessed the installation of pipes, with Danny Cordt-Watz leading the tour.

In the afternoon, everyone returned to Frederiksberg for an interactive workshop, featuring presentations from a diverse range of companies specializing in various aspects of district heating, such as infrastructure, planning, new heat sources, transmission, monitoring, and equipment like heat pumps and piping.

On Thursday morning, the group visited SK Forsyning-Slagelse/Korsør DH Company, where the managing director, Carsten Lunde, presented an overview of heat sources, including biomass, solar, heat pumps, storage solutions, piping infrastructure, and the Halskov-værket. Additionally, a case study from Linka was presented. In the afternoon, the group continued to Vestforbrænding for a site visit, where Søren Løgstrup and Anne Rosenkilde Lajer elaborated on CCS/U, gas conversion, Waste-to-Energy (WtE) initiatives, and customer engagement.

DBDH expresses its gratitude to all the participants and experts who contributed to the success of the workshop and site visits.