9 MW biomass plant for Soenderborg district heating company

Date: 09/07/2013

Soenderborg district heating company is recognized as a company that is a front runner and brings the newest technologies to market. In the winter 2012/2013 Soenderborg district heating company commissioned the first commercial geothermal plant in Denmark to supply central Soenderborg with CO2 neutral heating.

Now Soenderborg district heating company is preparing the first complete Dall Energy Biomass system in Denmark. The plant is to be built in a nearby suburb.
The plant will integrate several innovations of the Dall Energy Biomass concept: Fuel flexible low emissions furnace, compact boiler, high effficient flue gas cooling system and ceramic filters for cleaning fluegas condensate.
COWI A/S is the consultant for Soenderborg district heating company.

The project is supported by “Markedsmodningsfonden” (The Market Development Fund, which helps enterprises bring their new products to market faster and makes it easier for public-sector institutions to obtain innovative solutions).

Source: Dall Energy