54% of energy used in supply of UK electricity wasted

Date: 01/10/2015

£9.5 billion a year lost – more than half the total UK homes pay for their electricity

UK businesses could receive boost with £570 million cost savings

A report released today features new analysis showing how the UK electricity system wastes a staggering £9.5 billion from the loss of energy before it reaches homes and businesses.

Less Waste, More Growth: Boosting energy productivity is published today by an unlikely coalition of 14 organisations, including those that represent industrial manufacturers such as EEF and leading environmental groups such as Greenpeace.

These organisations have been united by a shared vision of creating a more efficient, competitive, low carbon Britain through a common purpose to cut this waste.

The new report calls for an increase in Government ambition on energy productivity and sets out three recommendations, which if implemented, could transform this wasteful inefficiency into a huge growth opportunity for the UK economy.

The analysis, led by the ADE, identifies the total loss of energy is worth the equivalent of £354 per household, more than half the average UK annual electricity bill (£592). This waste equals the power generated by: 37 nuclear power stations; a landmass the size of England of Bioenergy crops; or wind turbines covering 40% of Scotland.

All this waste undermines efforts to create a competitive, modern economy as both consumers and businesses are faced with higher energy costs.

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Source: The Association for Decentralised Energy, UK