3rd Sino-Denmark Green Heating Forum

Date: 05/10/2016

The forum was successfully held on the 28th September in Beijing in a cooperation between China District Heating Association (CDHA) and DBDH and with the support of Asian Development Bank (ADB). The Chairman of Beijing District Heating Group Mr. Li Dawei, who also is the President of CDHA, opened the forum, and later the Chairman of DBDH Mr. Lars Gullev had a presentation presenting the future role of district energy – “From Smart Grid to Smart Cities”.

There were 300 participants mainly from Chinese district heating companies, large power companies, MOHURD, planning & design institutes and professors and there was also a large Danish delegation consisting of district heating companies, energy consultancies and technology companies.

The purpose of the 3rd Sino-Denmark Green Heating Forum was to exchange know-how on future development of district heating with focus on the role of transmission lines, heat storage, heat pumps, surplus industrial heat and low temperature district heating.

The day ended with a dinner celebrating the close cooperation between CDHA and DBDH.

The successful event was completed with some friendship badminton games between China and Denmark. Even though the Danes are good badminton players and good fighters, the Chinese, led by Chairman Li Dawei, won most games.