DBDH received Romanian delegation

Date: 22/06/2016

DBDH received a delegation from Bioenergy Suceava on June 20th-21st. Lead by the Chairman of the Board, Claudiu Negrisan. The main focus of the visit was to learn the best practices, technology trends and public policies involving the district heating system in Denmark. In addition, Romania is currently working on drafting a national energy strategy that includes addressing the major challenges of the country’s district heating system, therefore the visit served as background for inspiration on potential new energy efficient solutions.

The first day of the visit was kicked off with a meeting and presentations by Pia Zimmermann, DBDH and Elena Markova, Frederiksberg Forsyning. After lunch, the delegation received a tour around the premises by Rune Ringgaard Jørgensen, Frederiksberg Forsyning.

The second and last day started with a visit to Vesforbrænding, where the delegation was received by Ole Holmboe, Head of Business Development, Energy & Distribution. The plant, which is located in the middle of a very green area, currently serves 90,000 citizens and 60,000 businesses and broke its own record by handling 575,000 tons of waste in 2015.

After this the journey continued to Rambøll Danmark, where Anders Dyrelund, Senior Market Manager, gave a presentation on ‘Cost effective smart energy systems in cities’. For the delegation, the aim of the visit was to about gather knowledge and inspiration on the necessary steps to be taken by the Romanian government in its plan of designing and implementing a new district heating system.

The last site visit was held at Halsnæs Utility, where the delegation was received by Mikkel Nielsen, Manager of the district heating plant, and Bjarke Kessel, Chief Engineer. The duo held presentations about the plant’s activities, its district heating network and its Danish Test Center, which serves as a platform of technology Development and green Growth, both for the plant and the community. The visit was wrapped up with a tour around the premises.

Throughout the entire visit, it was clear that the delegation had much knowledge to share, while also showing great interest by asking questions and making remarks.