10 EU Energy organizations bring forward a 10-Point Plan to accelerate the EU heat transition.

Date: 19/10/2022

From Euroheat & Power News | 17 Oct 2022

The ten EU Energy organizations urge the European Commission to revise the outdated EU heating and cooling strategy from 2016, which was before the EU committed to being climate neutral.


On the 18th of October, Euroheat & Power signed a joint declaration together with Bio-energy Europe, the European Heat pump Association (EHPA), CEE Bankwatch Network, Solar Heat Europe, Energy Cities, European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC), European Partnership for Energy and Environment (EPEE), COGEN Europe and the European Biogas Association (EBA), highlighting a 10-Point Plan to accelerate the EU heat transition.

In Europe, heating accounts for 50% of energy demand, and 70% still comes from fossil fuels. During the past decade, little has been done to accelerate the clean transition of our heating and cooling industry.

Aurélie Beauvais, Managing Director of Euroheat & Power, commented:

''Efficient District Heating and Cooling is a proven solution to phase-out fossil fuel in buildings and shield consumers from soaring energy prices. Six months after the launch of the REPower EU, we must upgrade our emergency toolbox with concrete measures which accelerate the roll-out of clean heating technologies in buildings. Mandatory heat plannings, in particular, should be urgently introduced.''

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Download the 10-Point Plan here.