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Schneider Electric develops quality software for profitable operation of industrial plants and utilities.

Termis is software for District Energy Network Management and has been on the market since 1986. TERMIS is the most advanced, powerful and extensive district energy network simulation platform for improving system design and operation on the market today.

Termis consists of modules always able to reflect the physical characteristics of the plant. Especially the module Temperature Optimization (TO) gives a fast ROI.

The TO module constantly checks the temperature at the most critical points in in a calibrated model of the network – adjusting the inlet temperature to be as low as possible, still guaranteeing that demand will be met at any circumstances. Accumulated energy in the network will be utilized optimally while taking account of changes in outdoor temperature and wind conditions.

Termis continuously displays the state of the network. The operator can navigate his way around the system with a few mouse clicks to analyze what has happened and predict what will happen, so that he can react accordingly.



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