Ross DK is specialized in drilling & well management – planning, design, drilling, completion and work-overs of wells.
The company situated in Copenhagen offers consultancies and in-house design for oil & gas and geothermal industries.  The company performs well planning, risk analysis and mitigation, drilling of wells including documentation and reporting in accordance with regulative and legislative requirements.

Ross DK comes with years’ of unique experience and expertise based on technical knowledge of all of the drilling processes, in terms of site management, drilling equipment and geological conditions. The company understands the complexity of a drilling project and the changes that may occur during such project.

Ross DK’s strongest asset, however, is it’s the combination of theoretical knowledge and expertise with hands-on experience worldwide.

The company has a widespread network with competences within well engineering, subsurface, production, geology, completions, intervention & work-overs and logistics.

Geothermal energy is an area under scrutiny and development in Europe as countries seek to fulfil the goals of a fossil-free future. As district heating technologies become integrated in Europe’s infrastructure, Ross DK will assist in preparing and executing geothermal projects.


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Ross DK
Bentzonsvej 6-8, Parterre
2000 Frederiksberg
Tlf.: +45 3810 0919
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Britta Sanchez
Client Relations Manager, mob.: +45 60 20 00 11
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Jesper Peter Menne Baunsgaard
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Lars Andersen
Managing Director
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