The company OE3i specialises in the development of software solutions for the Danish energy sector, with particular focus on solutions for district heating systems, combined heat and power plants and companies with a large or small portfolio of energy producers.

This is represented in the following products:

Mentor Planner:
A solution which is intended to make it fast and easy to optimise operating plans for the supply of district heating and for combined heat and power plants. This solution is modular, so the individual customer gets exactly what is needed.
Mentor Planner streamlines the operator’s planning of operations and provides a fast, easy overview which takes account of the most economic operation.

Mentor Mediator:
The solution is partly based on the VPP principle where units can be controlled and optimised automatically or semi-automatically, depending on customer preferences.
Mentor Mediator can handle different conventional heat and electricity-generating units, as well as production from renewable sources of energy such as wind turbines and solar heating panels. At the same time, the system automatically maintains the balance of the energy produced across the sources of energy associated with the system.

Mentor Forecast:
Mentor Forecast covers short-term and long-term forecasts of heating consumption, electricity consumption and gas consumption and is also suitable for predicting wind-turbine and solar-heating production.

Solution for tomorrow’s energy market (smart energy):
OE3i is also developing a solution suitable for controlling the smart energy of the future, where production and consumption must be more closely attuned and adaptable to one another.
Whereas software is currently aimed at planning optimal operation and production for the producer, such as traditional power plants or wind turbines and solar heating, this system is adaptable and modifiable so it plans the best solution for consumers instead.
OE3i sees great potential in this area, notably relating to solar heating and wind turbines, and particularly as this relates to the company’s plans for an extensive enlargement at European level.

International ambitions
Familiarity with OE3i is becoming increasingly widespread in Denmark. The company intends to convert this familiarity into international success.
As the company’s strategy is to have sales take place through local partners, contacts have been established with a number of different partners in Germany and Poland and more are on their way in both countries. Later, OE3i will widen the focus from these two countries to include other markets, primarily in Western Europe and the Baltic States.


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