The NIRAS Group was founded in 1956 and, today, is one of the largest consulting engineering companies in Denmark, comprising skills in a broad range of disciplines. The 1,250 employees provide consultancy services in the fields of construction, industry, civil works and infrastructure, transport, informatics, the environment, water, wastewater, climate change and energy as well as organisation, management, planning, finance, community development and development aid.

NIRAS’ headquarters are located in Allerød, we have a total of 16 offices across Denmark and are strongly represented in the Baltic region with departments in Poland, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine. In addition, NIRAS has established representation in Bulgaria, Cambodia Egypt, Greenland, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zambia.


Particular focus on climate, energy and the environment
NIRAS has a burning ambition to make a positive difference in the field of climate change. Since the 1990s, NIRAS has developed a number of skills in the field of renewable energy, including competences in bio-energy and agriculture and relevant civil works and infrastructure skills. This unique background provides us with a strong foundation on a market with enormous potential for growth.


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