HOFOR (Greater Copenhagen Utility) We supply Copenhagen and the nearby cities with water, sanitation, district, town gas and cooling and behave wind turbines.

HOFOR provide Alberton, Brondby, Dragor, Herlev, Hvidovre, Copenhagen, Rødovre and Vallensbaek with water – and is responsible for the discharge of wastewater and stormwater in the same towns near Brondby and Vallensbaek.

We also supply Copenhagen with district, gas and cooling – and is involved in several wind projects both inside and outside Copenhagen.

In HOFOR we share a common vision – we want to create sustainable cities based on climate and environmentally friendly power solutions. Everything our company does- is about creating sustainable cities. Cooperation is one of the cornerstones of HOFOR. This applies to cooperation across municipalities, with the industry and our customers.




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